2017 in Numbers

I’ve done more gaming in 2017 than I can remember – either for that year or before. At this point it feels a bit like trying to count a giant treasure hoard. Here are some numbers I can just about manage.

While I don’t have an accurate player count, I imagine I’ve shared a real or virtual table with around 120-150 different lovely gamers this year from places as far spread as UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia and South America. Thanks to all who have hosted or adventured with me this year.

And here are the cold hard numbers behind those treasured experiences:

  • 344 hours clocked up on Roll20 (playing, running as well as setting up games)
  • 76 game sessions
  • 54 online sessions (28 on Roll20, 10 on Gauntlet Hangouts)
  • 38 games
  • 33 game systems
  • 27 GMs/hosts
  • 14 sessions run by me
  • 4 in-real-life games conventions (Revelation, Seven Hills, Longcon, Furnace)
  • 3 web projects started:
  • 2 Bundles of Holding (Apocalypse Engine, Over the Edge)
  • 1 Kickstarter resistance roll failed (for +Graham W’s Cthulhu Dark)
  • Most sessions played of: Unknown Armies 3 (15), The One Ring (11), Apocalypse World 2 (10)
  • Most game sessions hosted by: me (15 – not all UA3), +Paul Mitchener (12)
  • Most game-filled months: October (17), August (14)
  • Quietest month: March (0 sessions)

I think I have one more IRL game day in me before year end, then I’m looking forward to another rich roleplaying year, starting once again (as did 2017) with one-shots at Refugees from Reality, followed by  a new Unknown Armies 3 long play.

Other ongoing games planned include continuing the epic Darkening of Mirkwood-inspired The One Ring campaign (hosted by +Paul Mitchener, with +Dom Mooney, +Jeremiah Burns, +Elina Gouliou, +Woo Hoo), and following up with Season 2 of The Play’s The Thing, the UA3 campaign I’ve been running set in an estranged realm near Stratford-upon-Avon (with +Alex Powell, +Paul Mitchener, +Pete Griffith and more than a little cameo from +Gary Bee).

A new Blades in the Dark campaign is likely with my AW2 group (Roll20, not on G+), as a stop-gap before rebooting The Reclamation campaign. I fear +Graham Spearing’s heroic fantasy campaign Adventures in the Lost Lands may have stuttered beyond logistical recovery, but if not, that could be fun to continue.

It would also be grand to return to some continuing adventures of a few of the characters that came to life in the handful of Gauntlet mini-series I dabbled in.

  • Most recently, there’s +Donogh McCarthy’s Blades in the Dark series featuring The Noose, a gang with +Horst Wurst and a dizzingly shifting array of other player characters.
  • Before that, +Jason Cordova’s emotionally intense Dogs in the Vineyard series with the brothers of Bridal Falls (+David LaFreniere, +YG Mitchell and +Fraser Simons) (parts 1 and 2).
  • And also +Tyler Lominack’s perilous, riotous and absolutely fabulous New Orleans-based Monster of the Week series including +Gerrit Reininghaus, +Lachiel Vaher and others I can no longer find on G+ (parts 1 and 2).

Lots of good times. More adventures in play to come. I don’t think I’ll have as much time as last year, but I’m looking forward to whatever comes along.

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