#RPGaDay 2017 – Day 4

Which RPG have you played the most since August 2016?

For most of the last few years I only really played one-shots at modest-sized conventions, such as Furnace, Seven Hills and Continuum. Since August 2016 my gaming habits have changed a fair bit. I lived in London for a while so got to play at Indie RPG Meetup and a couple of other local clubs. I made it to Dragonmeet for the first time too. I also started playing online.

It’s with an online campaign of The One Ring that I have racked up most plays. Paul Mitchener is at the helm, and my fellowship includes Dom Mooney, Elina Gouliou and Jeremiah Burns.  We’ve waylaid j0rdi and Richard Lock along the way too.

It’s been wholly satisfying to indulge in an extended campaign with all of these players, and to be part of the unfolding story of the Fellowship of Good Riddance. It’s fun to see Míriel, my Elf Warden of Mirkwood, evolve her character over several game years (I hesitate to say get better, especially at singing). And it’s been great to be able to appreciate the game system in an extended context, and in ways you don’t get with one-shots.

It’s worth noting that with Revelation, the dedicated Powered by the Apocalypse convention set up by Graham Spearing, I’ve sampled a few more games made from that mould. With occasional trips to Loading Bar for a drop-in Dungeon World series too, the Apocalypse Engine is a close second in my rankings.

Most of my gaming has been as a player, but since August 2016 I’ve GM’d more than I have for quite a while: a bit of WFRP (2nd Edition) and Cthulhu Dark, as well as some Unknown Armies. If my gaming plans work out, by the end of the year I hope to have served up almost as much UA3 as I’ve devoured TOR.

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