Presenting For One Night Only at Furnace 2017

This is my game offering for October’s Furnace convention.  For folks who can’t make it to that but would still like to play, I’ve got a final playtest on Roll20 with the characters below on Sat 30 Sep.

Scenario: For One Night Only
System: Unknown Armies 3
Players: 4
Slot: Saturday Evening


You haven’t played together since college ended. Yours was the best band at school back then: best musicians rocking the best songs, best-loved, best after-parties.

When someone started planning the Class of 97 Reunion it was the obvious thing to get you all back together.

So, this Saturday, and for one night only, the Royal Pains are reforming for their homecoming gig.

A lot’s happened in the twenty years since the last time. Of course, none of you went pro. You drifted in and out of touch with each other. Work took you to different parts of the world. Your lives have taken some unexpected turns. You’ll catch up with each other on all that tomorrow during rehearsals. For now there are a lot of miles to cover to get you there in time.

Which is why you’re still on the road so late tonight. It’s been a long but quiet drive, with only your radio to keep you company as the rain starts beating down. Until you hit this stretch.

A 4×4 blocks the road. There’s a pile-up at the crossroads just beyond. Someone’s flagging you down. She’s injured. Blood pours down her uniform. The smell of petrol hangs thick in the air as you step out of your car.

Characters: The Royal Pains are:

  • Jane Carrie – Vocals. (Ex-Childcare Worker, Disgraced.)
  • John Eagle Barriemore – Bass. (Undertaker, Cult Survivor.)
  • Jim Budowksi – Guitar. (Scout Leader, Avatar of the Solid Citizen.)
  • Charles ‘CX’ Frank – Drums. (Crooked Cop, X-Ray Heart.)

Notes: For One Night Only is an adaptation of the published scenario Bill in Three Persons, brought up to date for Unknown Armies 3. No prior knowledge of Unknown Armies (any edition) is necessary or expected. No singing required.

Tags: horror, mature content, dark themes, 18+, contemporary setting.

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